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2019-05-13 11:36 peng



Chesterfield, UK, 8th April 2019: Today, Robustel are pleased to announce an agreed partnership with InVMA to offer their customers a low risk, easy to deploy way to take advantage of IoT with a packaged IoT solution.


InVMA, the only truly end-to-end IoT and ‘Industry 4.0’ solution provider in UK and Ireland and the first and most successful Thingworx reseller in Europe, has developed their own core IoT solution, AssetMinder?. The application allows companies to instantly connect any type of assets to find out their location, implement proactive maintenance, predict failure and monitor control usage to create new revenue streams and increase customer satisfaction.


Assetminder is based on the world-renowned Thingworx platform and provides a very cost-effective starting point for IoT prospects wanting to determine both the proof of concept and most importantly, the “proof of value” of a new connected product venture. Developing a ‘PoC’ on AssetMinder? gives a seamless upgrade path to a full Thingworx deployment if the scope and complexity of the project requires it.

Assetminder方案基于世界知名的Thingworx平臺而開發,為物聯網潛在客戶提供了一個非常低門檻的起點,以便企業能夠進行POC測試并體會到設備聯網的價值。 如果項目的范圍和復雜性需要,可以在AssetMinder?上開發“PoC”,為完整的Thingworx部署提供無縫升級途徑。

“Robustel gateways in conjunction with the AssetMinder? platform provide a ready to deploy IoT solution that instantly connects assets and environments” explains David Evans, IoT Solution Architect at Robustel – “Customers can connect their products, accelerate their time to market and achieve value ten times faster and a lot more cost-effectively as a consequence of this tried and tested solution stack.”


“To be approved as a part of the AssetMinder? solution, any hardware must go through our rigorous testing process” comments Pat Nash, Managing Director and co-founder of InVMA. “Robustel’s Gateway with a myriad of features at a very competitive price is a perfect fit and therefore became our gateway of choice.”